Fair Business

Across the country Corporate America has been the catalyst for opposing discrimination and has enacted nondiscrimination policies protecting all of their employees.  Did you know that more than 430 Fortune 500 companies have policies that include sexual orientation and more than 200 Fortune 500 companies have policies that include gender identity/expression? Why is this? Because corporations are driven by the bottom line and having a workplace that retains the best and brightest!

Fortune-ranked Companies from every sector and geographic area have added inclusive non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

All of Louisiana’s Fortune 500 Companies have fair and inclusive non-discrimination policies:

  1. CenturyLink (Monroe)
  2. Shaw Group (Baton Rouge)
  3. Entergy (New Orleans)

National Companies in Shreveport Region with fair and inclusive non-discrimination policies:

  1. Best Buy Company, Inc.
  2. Burger King Corp
  3. Capitol One Bank
  4. Centerpoint Energy
  5. Coca‐Cola
  6. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
  7. Dillard’s Inc.
  8. Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
  9. GM – General Motors
  10. Halliburton Energy Services
  11. Harrah’s – Caesars Entertainment
  12. The Home Depot, Inc.
  13. International Paper Company
  14. J. P. Morgan Chase
  15. JC Penney Corportion
  16. Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc.
  17. Kroger Co.
  18. Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc.
  19. McDonald’s Corp
  20. Office Depot, Inc.
  21. Rite Aid Corp
  22. Sears/K‐Mart
  23. Target Stores, Inc.
  24. Union Pacific Railroad Company
  25. Walgreen Co.
  26. Wal‐Mart Stores Inc.

Is your company on this list? If not,  contact us today to see if your workplace non-discrimination policies are up to date with the best and most innovative companies in Shreveport and across the country! If they aren’t, click here to download a non-discrimination policy that protects everyone. We are also happy to work with your company to expand these policies and offer you educational resources and information to guide you to a better, more inclusive workplace.